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Keith Eric Davis, Owner & Designer

About BUD

BUD, Botanical Urban Design, is a design company concentrating on floral designs for events, such as weddings, parties and celebrations of any kind, as well as container garden designs for porches, patios, entryways or balconies, and holiday designs for home or workplace.  Keith Eric Davis, owner and designer, has a BS in Floriculture from The Ohio State University and has more than 20 years experience in event, garden and holiday design.  With a strong focus on the natural beauty of the world, Keith's design ideas are inspired by the art found in the environment, and elaborating on that to create beautiful pieces of art.  A "boutique" design company, BUD is focussed on creating beautiful work that is designed with your needs in mind, as opposed to forcing you to accept our ideas. Working with clients to create something that they are delighted with and appreciate the beauty of is the primary goal of the design work.

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