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The Buzz About BUD

"OMG, Keith you are a GENIUS! You are so talented!  I can't tell you how many people have said that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they've even been to! It was BEYOND stunning! Thank you to the moon and back for making it the wedding I've always dreamed of!" 

- Claire and Steve, Chicago


"Keith- we STILL rave about the entire floral production you did for our wedding!  Six years later, thank you again!" 

- Justin and Jaime, Chicago


"My new planter is now the focus of my garden and the envy of all my neighbors. Can't wait for next year's summer creation!" 

- Paulette, Oak Park


"David took a photo of the arrangement you made for him that I sent. Oh my God, Keith, it is absolutely GORGEOUS!  You are brilliant! Thanks again!" 

- Barbara, Chicago


"Obsessed! You did a magnificent, fabulous, beautiful job on our wedding! Literally cannot stop saying how much I loved it all!!!! Exceeded expectations!!"  

- Erica and Doug, Chicago


"Keith, you are simply amazing! As if the flowers weren't enough, your leaving petals at the Lurie Garden's reflecting pool was the personification of 'above and beyond'. And, as if that wasn't enough, you tie one helluva bowtie! Thank you!" 

- Jason and Keya, Chicago


"Fantastic...It was beautiful, truly artful!"    

- Leslie, Chicago, recounting her daughter's bat mitzvah

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